Monday, June 27, 2022

Our Generation Dolls Valencia's Photoshoot!

 Hello everyone and welcome to or welcome back to our blog, it's me Valencia here today! Here I have a photoshoot I did, sorry some of the photos are not perfect, it was very windy! I guess that is just weather in England, I'm so glad I missed the rain though! I hope you enjoy!

I hope you like them, see you next time!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Talita's Big Ambition | The Background Story | Our Generation Dolls Photo Story

 Hello everyone and welcome to or welcome back to our blog, it's me Talita here! So, I have some exciting news... we are starting a new series! I will explain in a minute why we are posting this now but we will still be finishing our other series (Two Persons In One) as we love that one so it will be finished before we post any of the main posts in this series. So, the reason we are posting this now is because we entered this photo story into a competition at our school! We wanted to enter something which we could post here on our blog as well, and entering Two Persons In One wouldn't really make sense so we created it so there is a cliff-hanger at the end. We will post if we win, but we aren't really sure yet, we are sure there are many other amazing entries! So, lets get started!

My name is Talita. I am about to put my life story on paper. This may be the biggest mistake of my life and could reveal my true identity. But who knows? It could be the best decision I will ever make. So, I Talita Elizabeth will begin my past.

My childhood was normal, I went to school, played with my friends, read books and all the normal things children do. But, when I eventually discovered my ambition I had no idea how difficult it was going to be.

 Many people deemed it impossible, and I fell to believe them. Meaning which, I could be thriving at this point like many celebrities but instead I was still on the starting block. I knew it was now or never, I had the ability to change my future. But, I was treading on thin ice. It would have been too late if I had not begun this very day 7 years ago. My great ambition, to become the most famous Olympic gymnast of all time, sure it was an idea that would need huge amounts of perseverance and determination but I knew I was capable of that. Finally realizing I could forget all the discouraging comments and focus on my dream.

I began slow, like everyone would. Everything was simple, much too easy. But I wanted it harder, more challenging, I knew what I was capable of and no way did these people know me. I had to prove myself though. Everything was hard, much more of a burden than I had originally perceived it to be. But I knew that it was worth it.

It took 3 years. Yep, 3 years. To reach the level I thought would take me 3 months. I practiced harder and harder. Putting effort in everyday was a challenge but I knew that that is what the most famous people have to do. Work hard to reach your goals. Every practice was daunting, but I also felt a sense of accomplishment, knowing that everything I did made me a step closer to my goal.

Fast forward to now, I have finally got to the dream point of my entire career. It was time to practice for the big competition, the competition of every gymnasts dreams. The final Olympics. I had gymnastics twice a day, leaving me no energy for anything else. It was a tiring ambition for sure and sometimes that was enough to make me give up. But, I knew, if I did everything correctly and made sure practice was priority then I was going to succeed. I was going to make my dream a reality.

The night before the big entry competition had arrived, all the hard work was paying off. Although, I had a strange sensation. Something  just wasn’t fitting. I was shaking all over and petrified as the hours went to minutes then to seconds until the competition was about to begin.  Will I make it? Will this change my life forever?

I hope you enjoyed everyone! This was extremely fun to write and we can't wait for many more posts to continue the story! Sorry there aren't as many photos as usual, we always take the photos then write it but we did it the other way around so it was a bit difficult knowing where to put them in. We don't know if it will have speech or not, this didn't but we are still deciding! See you next time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Our Generation Dolls Swimming Lesson!

 Hello everyone and welcome to or welcome back to our blog, Aria here! I made a photo story with Sia and Talita for todays post, I hope you enjoy!

"Talita, are you ready for swimming?" asked Sia, "I'm super excited!"
"Yes definitely, I can't wait to practice today," replied Talita.
"I think we are starting!" Sia mentioned.
"Good morning girls," I stated, "how are you?"
"Great thank you!" they chorused.
"Wonderful, so to start todays lesson I would like you to get in the pool safely," I stated.
First, they sat on the side.
Carefully turned around.
All ready for a wonderful lesson!
"Perfect girls, first I would like to see you hold onto the side and kick your legs," I said.
They held onto the side, they were on their backs.
The kicking was perfect!
"Now, I would like you to swim on your front down to the end," I instructed.
They were perfect.
All the way to the end!
"Now, come back on your back," I instructed.
Starting off really good.
Sia went a little out of line, but overall perfect.
"Now, take it in turns to swim along the surface with the snorkel, Talita first," I stated.
Starting strong.

She turned at the end.
Great job Talita!
Then, Sia began swimming.

Perfect, Sia!
Now, I would like you to practice swimming on your back with the swimming noodles,
Very graceful!


"Well done, good job today," I mentioned, "time to safely get out."
They climbed up.
And turned round carefully from the edge.
"Well done I hope you had fun girls!" I added, "see you next week!"
"It was so fun today wasn't it Sia!" Talita mentioned.

"I agree, it was amazing!" replied Sia.

Thank you for reading everyone, I hope you enjoyed!

Our Generation Dolls Valencia's Photoshoot!

 Hello everyone and welcome to or welcome back to our blog, it's me Valencia here today! Here I have a photoshoot I did, sorry some of t...